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A website is the most cost effective way to provide information about your business. It costs only a few dollars a month to have volumes of information about your company available on the web. However, creating that website can be overwhelming, and keeping the information current can be problematic.

At Delta Computer Solutions, we can build a dynamic website that is easy to maintain and easy to modify.

We can make it easy to change the content, display timely announcements, post current articles about your industry and business, and keep the information instantly up-to-date. When your website becomes a valuable resource for your customers, you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Custom websites allow you to:

Manage your website's content easily

As part of website development, we create custom web forms that allow you to easily modify the content of your website. You'll be able to manage your website's content from anywhere there is an internet connection, without FTP or complicated web-publishing programs.

Automate timely content

If you have content that changes regularly, such as weekly promotions or daily announcements, you'll be able to schedule exactly when you want your messages to appear. You will no longer have to remember to remove outdated or expired notices.

Process user input

If you want to show certain data or information based on visitors' choices, custom website solutions will allow you to do this.

Collect information from users

If you want to collect information from users, we can build data entry forms for your website to capture the data you want.

Display your information on your website

We create custom web pages to present your data exactly the way you want it: lists, tables, and charts that are grouped, sorted, filtered, and summarized.