projects & clients | overview

Delta Computer Solutions has designed, developed, and managed custom applications of various sizes, levels of complexity, and for a wide variety of industries.

Small projects

Small projects are generally used by a handful of people, in one location, and handle a very specific and limited business requirement. Small projects cost in the neighborhood of $500 to $1,500. MS Access is generally recommended for small projects and does need to be obtained by the client. examples of small projects

Medium projects

Medium sized projects are generally used by several people, with users in different locations, and serve a wider range of functions than a small project. Cost for a medium project ranges from $2,000 to $25,000. VB/VB.NET (desktop applications), ASP/ASP.NET (web applications) are typically recommended for the front end. SQL Server generally serves as the back end (desktop or web application), though occasionally MS Access is appropriate (desktop application only). Customer hardware/software requirements vary, depending on which front end goes with which back end. examples of medium sized projects

Contract programming projects

Contract programming projects are generally very large projects where a team of developers is needed. Delta Computer Solutions can be hired as a contract programmer to supplement your team. If you do not already have a team and would like Delta Computer Solutions to take the lead on your project, we can build a team to develop your project through our relationships with other IT solution companies. examples of contract programming work