By Mary Flaws, owner

Most consulting companies like Delta Computer Solutions are named after the principal person: Smith Consulting Services, or Smith and Associates. But, in 1990 when I married Bill Flaws and decided to take his last name, I sealed my fate that I would not be able to name a company using my last name. Flaws and Associates just doesn't quite bring the image I'd like to convey.

I decided I wanted to name the company Something Computer Solutions. I just had to figure out what Something would be. I needed a good first word. I racked my brain for days trying to come up with something good. No luck.

So, I decided to ask the smartest man in the world - my dad. I called him up, explained the something Computer Solutions dilemma. He thought for about 5 seconds and said "Delta."

Delta is a regional buzz-word in Midland Michigan, where I grew up. I believe it refers to the delta of the Saginaw River where it dumps in to Lake Huron. I fell in love with that name. It's a nod to the area where I grew up, and to my dad.

Delta Computer Solutions’ uniqueness lies in its personal service and dedication to reaching a successful solution to your information management needs.

Based in Southeastern Wisconsin, Delta Computer Solutions, was started in 1997 by Mary Flaws. Mary decided to become an independent computer consultant after moving from civil engineering to programming with an employer.

Mary Flaws

Mary has over 10 years of professional programming experience. She has worked as the sole developer with duties including needs analysis, database design, user interface design, programming, implementation and support. She has also worked in team environments.

Areas of Expertise

Windows Programming: VB.NET (Visual Basic), C#, VB 6.0 and earlier, VBScript
Database Development: SQL Server, MS Access
Website Development: ASP.NET, ASP, HTML, JavaScript

Professional Experience

Computer Consultant: 1995 to present
Windows programming
Database development
Web development
Civil Engineer: 1990 to 1995

Other Interests

When not working, Mary is an avid distance runner. She has completed many marathons (26.2 miles), including the Chicago Marathon and the Boston Marathon, and dozens of other shorter races. She also enjoys hiking, biking, yoga, and gardening.