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Delta Computer Solutions develops custom software solutions to meet your specific needs, giving you that important edge over your competitors.

Custom software allows you to:

Streamline your data entry process

We create custom software to make your data entry process as efficient and easy as possible. If you currently are entering the same data into multiple places, or have a cumbersome system of spreadsheets to track your data, we can improve your data entry process.

Present your data quickly, easily, and exactly the way you need it

We create custom reporting tools to present your data in the format that best suits your requirements: graphs, charts, tables, and lists that are sorted, grouped, filtered, and summarized.

Perform calculations

As former civil engineers, we are not intimidated by complex math equations. We can create custom software that performs complicated and time-consuming calculations so you don’t have to.

Move your data to and from multiple locations

With custom software, your data can be shared among locations. Data can be collected from several locations, and your reports can be displayed in multiple locations.

Increase profitability

Do you know how productive each of your employees is? Do you know the cost effectiveness of each or your marketing methods? Do you know which products or services generate the most profit? Do you know your cost of doing business? Custom software solutions can help you track, and therefore improve, your profitability.