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Following are examples of smaller projects using custom solutions developed by Delta Computer Solutions.

Salvation Army of Waukesha: Kettles Program

Background: In November and December, we all see the Salvation Army Kettles at stores and businesses, collecting money. They need to keep track of locations, volunteers, and amount of money raised.

Solution: An Access database with data entry screens for locations, volunteers, volunteer hours, and amount of money raised by each volunteer shift. Program provides detailed and summary reports of money raised by location, by day, or by volunteer and compares to previous year’s dollar amounts.

Salvation Army of Waukesha: Meal Program

Background: The Salvation Army serves a free meal at their site three times a week. They need to know how many people were served a meal, whether or not it was their first time participating in the free meal (“new”), and some basic demographics (men, women, children, zip code), and how many volunteers helped.

Solution: An Access database with data entry screens for volunteers, clients, and which clients were served at each meal. Data entry screen has features to quickly find the right client and prevent duplicate client entries. Reports include total meals served, summarized by men, women, and children. Also counts “new” men, women and children. Reports are produced for fiscal year, as well as monthly time periods.

Salvation Army of Waukesha: Volunteers Database

Background: The Salvation Army of Waukesha has hundreds of volunteers, with various availability and areas of interest. Some volunteers serve due to court-ordered community service. They need to maintain a searchable list of volunteers, with key information, to help find the best fit between volunteers and service, as well as track the service hours of their volunteers.

Solution: An Access database for entering volunteer information and service hours. A search screen allows users to find a matching volunteer based on availability, and areas of interest, and produces a report with contact information so that the appropriate volunteer can be called for service. Reports track volunteers hours, by service and/or time period, and can be filtered by name and/or whether court-ordered community service was mandated.

Dan Plautz Cleaning Services: Invoice Program

Background: Dan Plautz Cleaning Services is a small family business providing cleaning services to local businesses and organizations in Southeastern Wisconsin. They needed an invoicing program that was easy to use and that would show previous balance aging amounts due (30 days overdue, 60 days overdue, 90 days overdue), finance charges for late payments, and discounts for on-time payments. Off-The-Shelf software either did not meet their requirements or was too complicated to use.

Solution: A desktop application with Access for the back end and VB for the front end. Data entry screens allow users to enter client information, charges, and payments. When entering charges, users can see current balance. Users can print invoices showing previous balance and aging amounts when charges are overdue. Invoice shows amount due if paid before a specific date and amount due if paid after a specific date. Payment entry screen allows payments to be applied to specific charges, so that oldest charges are applied first. Reports include client list, revenue reports, and overdue accounts.