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Below are examples of projects in which Delta Computer Solutions has been involved in development of the project, but was not responsible for the entire project.

Cayen Systems: APlus Web Application

Developed in partnership with the Milwaukee Public Schools, Academics Plus (APlus) is a web-based, database software program designed to manage 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) and other after-school program data at the site, grantee, and state levels.

Steel King Industries: Pallet Rack System Custom Configurator

Background: Steel King Industries manufactures pallet rack systems for warehouses. Because every warehouse is unique, designing, generating a bill of materials, drawing, and quoting a pallet rack system is a very time consuming task. When changes to the design of the warehouse are made (door is moved, column spacing changed, etc.), the entire process needs to be repeated. Steel King needed a more efficient way to design, draw, quote, and generate a parts list for custom pallet systems.

Solution: A desktop application that allows the user to enter basic information about the warehouse and information about the technical requirements of the loads to be stored. This includes warehouse dimensions, building column and other obstruction locations, pallet size and weight, and forklift turning radius. With the click of a button, the program calculates the best fit pallet configuration, including selecting the appropriate components, for the load size and weight, generates a parts list, and draws the warehouse, with pallet racks. Users can view the plan, elevation, and a 3D view of the pallet rack system, zoom in and out, and rotate it. When the design of the warehouse changes, the input parameters are simply edited, and the configuration, drawings, and parts list are automatically regenerated.